Google Shopping

Conquerr the marketplace with Google Shopping ads and optimisation. Sell more with less effort.

If your business is selling something and not visible on Google Shopping, you may as well not exist. Google Shopping is a powerful marketing and sales tool that connects people directly with your offering.

Ever searched for an item online? Did you click on the products above the search results? That’s Google Shopping – and it’s as powerful as you can imagine. Selling directly through Google Shopping, either through rich snippets or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can boost your sales figures to the moon and beyond. Huge exposure means an influx of traffic – and unprecedented growth.

Google Shopping: Part Of A Holistic Digital Marketing Approach

Google Shopping is like a combination of two of Google’s advertising products – their search engine results pages and Pay Per Click advertising. We are the experts in rolling out campaigns for Google Shopping and optimising them for a maximum return on investment. We conduct a FREE audit to see if your site and business can harness the pure power of Google Shopping – and surging profits that come with it.

Our Google Shopping Process

Free Audit

We conduct an audit of your current site and digital presence to establish a baseline. This is free of charge – and there’s no obligation to proceed.

Shopping Optimisation

We delve into your Google Shopping and other analytics or Ads products to make sure they’re running like a dream – and are giving you the most return on investment.

Data Collection

We gain as many insights from your data and crunch the numbers to ascertain your potential to harness Google Shopping as a driver of growth.

Bid Adjustment

We analyse your competition at every angle to ensure that we’re making the right bids for customers – not a penny wasted is our goal.

Rich Snippets

Our developers and technicians create rich snippets – the kind Google goes crazy for – and implement them into your current platform.

Continuous Improvement

We provide continuous reports and updates on your progress and refine what we have to ensure maximum return on investment now and into the future.

Answering common questions about Google Shopping

Does your business enjoy making more sales and profits? Then the answer should be the same! Google Shopping is essential for every e-retail or e-commerce business. This lowers the barrier between your business and the products you sell – they show up right on the search engine results page – that means higher conversions all around!

If you can sign up for Google Ads, Google Merchant Centre, and other Google products, you sure can. But do you have the time? Do you have the patience to learn the technical and creative skills needed to truly optimise your campaigns for Google Shopping? You also need to learn Product Feed, Google Ads Campaign Structure, and Bid Adjustments. This can take months, if not years to master.

The experts at Conquerr know Google Shopping inside and out from a technical and creative level, optimising your product offerings and making sure they show up more often for browers looking for your product. We offer a FREE audit to establish your potential for massive growth using Google Shopping, as well as tailored reporting to spur on continuous improvement and maximum return on investment.