Content Strategy

Conquerr the most elusive commodity on the web – eyeballs. Creative content strategies that drive up traffic and sales.

Content is the backbone of everything on the web, and we use an integrated approach to not only get it into view but make sure it has a real impact.

You content is not just what you say, it is how you sell. Content can come in many forms – blog posts, social media posts, video, podcasts, interactive media – but without a strategy it’s throwing stuff at walls and hoping it sticks. Our data driven approach means knowing what your audience is already craving – and delivering it to them every time. Our expert copywriters and content strategists are focused on delivering one outcome – better ROI and more profits.

Content Strategy: Part Of A Holistic Digital Marketing Approach

Content Strategy goes hand in hand with all other facets of digital marketing – content strategy forms part of your SEO efforts; your paid advertising on social and search engines; and allows us to gather insights and intelligence through tracking audience behaviour. Our audit first identifies areas for improvement; and our strategists craft ongoing campaigns that are constantly optimised, tweaked, and rolled out for optimum growth potential.

Our content strategy process

Content Auditing

We audit your current content and conduct a thorough analysis of your data to see where we can make improvements – and optimise your content for your ideal goals.

Forward Planning

We plan your content in advance – including time-dependent content – as well as any backups or contingencies along the way.

Goal Setting

We sit down with you to ascertain your goals – more leads? Greater sales? Better reach? What is it that your business needs?

Content Creation

Our creatives and copywriters create your irresistible content, based on the insights gained from our data and analytics.

Audience Research

We use qualitative and quantitative analysis to find out where your ideal audiences are so we can shape content to suit them.

Continuous Improvement

We produce reports and use new data to refine and scale your campaigns for maximum return on investment.

Answering common questions about content strategy

A content strategy is like the framework upon which your digital marketing strategy is built up from – it asks questions such as what your goals are, who your audience is, and what they need – so you can better cater to them. This ensures you make most efficient use of your marketing budget and drive home higher ROI.

Yes – but like most digital marketing services, it depends on how committed you are to changes and whether you have the patience to see results. Content strategies are not a quick fix or get-leads-now scheme. It takes time to gather data and insights and implement them into your content – as well as continuously improving your standing.

It depends on your goals and outcomes. Our free audit is useful to get a baseline for what gaps exist and how to best combat them. But generally, $1,500-$2,000 is considered normal for a small-medium business each month for at least six months. This of course varies according to vertical, channels, sites, and other factors.

We’ve been formulating content strategies for some of Australia’s best companies, using real scientific analysis, continual improvement, and of course, killer creatives and copywriters. We specialise in making sure each piece of content we account for is optimised to smash your goals – and of course, make the most return on investment.