Link Building Services

Link building

Natural and organic link building enhances your reputation and authority with search engines, boosting your results with key search terms. It’s all part of your overall digital marketing.

The humble hyperlink was revolutionary in 1989 when it made its debut – and it can do wonders for your digital marketing efforts. Link building or backlinking is the bedrock SEO is built on – gaining links from authoritative sites in an organic way enhances your search engine rankings in the “white hat” or approved way. This is opposed to “black hat” or disapproved way. If you’re found out – and you will be – you’ll be penalised by Google for trying. We use industry best practice “white hat” techniques to ensure your site has the best premium links that search engines love – and that means more visitors and conversions.

Link Building: Part of A Holistic Digital Marketing Approach

Link building is fundamental to your Search Engine Optimisation efforts – but what’s at the end of those links? Link building works in tandem with quality content strategies, Google Ads, social media marketing, and when people follow your links to your site, conversion rate optimisation. Quality and authoritative backlinks are crucial to success – and is arguably the glue that holds your overall digital marketing approach together.

We conduct a FREE link audit and digital marketing – and there’s no obligation or commitment to join.

Our link building process

Link Audit

To begin, we conduct a thorough link audit, scrutinising your incoming and outgoing links to see if they’re of sufficient quality.

Authoritative Backlinks

We gain links from these sites using killer content and other white hat techniques, so you gain momentum.

Keyword Research

We conduct further research into the keywords people are using to find your business, and zero in on them for maximum ROI.

Reporting & Measurement

We collate data for reports in granular detail, measuring the efficacy of your backlink campaigns so you’re always in control.

Site Outreach

We contact sites to earn backlinks from authoritative sites Google already finds desirable.

Continuous Improvement

All our data and measuring are used to improve our efforts to give you more and more return on your investment.

Answering common questions about link building

Link building is to SEO as ice cream is to desserts – it’s a fundamental part of SEO but not the entire gamut of SEO itself. Google uses over 200 vectors to determine PageRank. Backlinking, when one site links to another, helps you rank higher for certain keywords as it builds trust. The more your link is shared among known authoritative sites, the higher your ranking becomes – Google’s aim is to provide the best, most relevant and trustworthy sites when people hit ‘search.’ That’s how link building enhances your authority and ranking.

Link building is a time intensive process that blends hard (technical) and soft (outreach) skills. Link building may involve gaining partnerships with authoritative site owners or administrators, writing great content, and swaying social media influencers to share your content. It also involves looking for broken links on potential sites and offering your own link as a viable alternative – and learning SEO audit packages like SEMRush or Ahrefs. Link building, as part of digital marketing, is almost a job in and of itself.

This all is dependent on your needs and goals. Link building isn’t a one-stop, fast, and cheap solution; it’s a tactic in a grander SEO and digital marketing campaign. Agencies that offer “cheap and quick” solutions are often offering “black hat” techniques that get you penalised in the long term. Our link audit will determine the most effective way to deliver your SEO that includes link building as part of the process.

Conquerr aren’t link builders in isolation – we consider link building a plank in your overall SEO strategy and ultimately, your holistic digital marketing package. First of all, we go through your site in a comprehensive site audit, which also takes into account your current links going in and out as well as identifying opportunities for better and stronger link building.

We offer link building in a sustainable, authoritative and quality fashion, in conjunction with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, trustworthy content creation, social media marketing, and other techniques to drive people to your site, make more enquiries and ultimately, better growth and profits.