Google Ads Management

Hook into more traffic, more sales, more often.

People who click ads over organic search are 50% more likely to buy. Get the maximum bang for buck with Google Ads. We improve your campaigns, so you gain better cost-efficiency while improving your bottom line.

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is one of the web’s tried and true methods for advertising your business online. Though it’s easy to set up, it’s often difficult to get right. We can help supercharge your ads, targeting, and spend by auditing your current campaigns, optimising them in every aspect from the creative to the technical. This makes sure your ads are seen by the right people with the right intent – to buy from your business.

Google Ads: Part Of A Holistic Digital Marketing Approach

Google Ads works in tandem with an all-encompassing, multi-vector digital marketing approach. Google Ads, when optimised for your business goals, can be a cost-effective way to reach more of your core audience with the right intent. Ongoing management and improvement of your campaigns increases your return on investment and puts your business in the hot seat for unparalleled growth.

We conduct a FREE audit of your Google Ads and current campaigns – and there’s no obligation or commitment to join.

Our Google Ads Process

Ad Auditing

Our first step is to audit what you have, to see what immediate improvements we can make and build upon the fundamentals.

Campaign Scaling

Want to take things to the next level? We can scale your campaigns or implement all new campaigns for special offers or sales.

PPC Optimisation

PPC (Pay Per Click) is how you attract new customers. Are they optimised for your business? In this step, we align intent with your offering.

ROI Reporting

Get easy to understand reports that show you what’s important – how much return you’re getting for your investment.

Audience Targeting

Targeting the right audience is key to Google Ads success. We use all the Google remarketing, display, and search targeting – including from social media – to consistently find your audience.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement
Google Ads are evolving – as is your business. We implement continuous improvement strategies to ensure you always beat the competition.

Answering Common Questions about Google Ads

Of course – you can run your own campaigns – but do you have the time to be marketing manager on top of your current duties? If you want to hire an in-house digital marketer, you might be paying upwards of $75,000 per year – even for someone fresh out of training or university. Having a digital marketing agency like Conquerr in your corner means you get maximum return on investment without having to hire someone specialised and have them eat up all the overheads as well.

Though you may think your PPC is beating upper echelons of your competition, are you sure that your effective cost per click is reaching the right people at the right time? Are you also taking fraudulent clicks into account? PPC is only one part of the overall Google Ads picture. A digital marketing agency like us has the knowledge and expertise to take all externalities into account and drive home the most return on your investment.

There’s no one size fits all solution – Google Ads management is much like any kind of advertising – you must spend money to make it back. The more you spend on AdWords to begin with scales in proportion to how much management is required. The dollar figure is only a price – how much will it cost in lost sales and traffic passing your business buy in the long run?

The right managers work with your business and share its vision and goals for growth. They conduct a thorough audit on your current campaigns and keep you updated with all the ups and downs – and formulate new strategies to keep returns high and investments as modest as possible. Conquerr don’t just offer all this – we also offer a holistic approach using other digital marketing channels and methods to ensure your business experiences real, scalable growth.

You can – but a holistic strategy including SEO, Google Ads, CRO, etc. is always better than one alone. The reason being that using all these strategies creates business intelligence – data. Data is how you can rule the roost when it comes to outshining your competition. Gaining more insights from more sources means better results in terms of traffic, return on investment, and of course, growth.